My First Cookbook & Eco-friendly Bowls

My First Cookbook & Eco-friendly Bowls

Today I want to introduce you to a brand, very close to my heart, Coconut Bowls.

Coconut Bowls is a brand and movement advocating for healthy living and conscious thinking, for both people and the planet. Using natural waste from rural farms, they handcraft eco-friendly products for a beautiful home. They are a purpose driven brand, striving to create feel good products, designed to inspire you to have fun in the kitchen, while being mindful of where your food comes from and your contribution to sustainability.

After selling the first bowl in January 2016, Coconut Bowls now reclaim over 10,000 discarded coconut shells every month. They purchase them from coconut farmers who had previously spent precious money and resources on the waste process. They take the coconut shells to one of their ethical workshops, that take place in Vietnam or Indonesia. There Coconut Bowls employs local craftspeople above fair trade standards. The team cuts, sands and polishes the coconut shells into beautiful coconut bowls that are food safe, reusable and can last a lifetime. They think the bowls are the perfect eco-friendly addition to any kitchen and I agree!

I love my coconut bowls and the wooden spoons so much. Besides the beautiful design, they are eco-friendly, reusable, long-lasting and very light weighted, what makes them perfect for travelling as well. And the best thing is, that you get a lifelong guarantee on your bowls!

Lucky me, I got published in the Vegan Bowls Cookbook with one of my self-created recipes! It features a collection of recipes and inspiring stories from 100 of the world’s most recognised vegan recipe developers. Combining nutritional know-how with creative and affordable easy-to-follow recipes, this cookbook will help boost your knowledge on plant based eating while shaking up your recipe repertoire. You can get a hardcover book with 265 pages of delicious vegan recipes, healthy breakfsts, buddha bowls and snacks and sweets. Or you can get the e-book version!

Use the Code: HEALTHYHANDSOMELIFE to get 10% off your purchase !!I hope you will like your bowl as much as i love mine.

Sending love & light
Why I Am Vegan

Why I Am Vegan


When I first startet my jorney I became vegan because of ethical reasons. I spent a lot of time thinking about right and wrong and what moral values i want to represent in my life. So i came to the conclusion that I think it is wrong to murder a living creature for your own pleasure. And so i stopped eating meat and became a vegetarien first. The more I was engaged into this topic the more i learned about veganism and things like factory farming, that a lot of animals have to suffer for the production of dairy products and eggs and also the health benefits of a plantbased diet. That’s why i decided to go vegan from one of the other day, 4 years ago.



At this point i got more and more interested into the health benefits of a vegan diet, as well. I found some great books about that topic and I also get to know more people following that lifestyle, sharing the experiences and the knownledge they had with me. The most important part for me was that i could feel all the benefits for myself. I’ve always had gut health issues but as i turned vegan, the plantbased diet improved my gut health so so much! Since i eat that way (and created a healthier lifestyle routine) i have loads of energy, my immune system is stronger, my gut health improved, i healed my thyroid without any medication, i lost some excess weight, I am free from depression and i found a way of living that sets my heart on fire.



Lifestyle Changes

Meanwhile I transitioned into a vegan, I discovered yoga and meditation. That was a big game changer for me and absolutely changed my whole life! I felt confirmed as i dived deeper into the philosophy of yoga and discovered the five principles of yama. Yama is our attitude towards our environment. And the first principle is saying that we should act gentle and well-considered towards every living being particularly towards the helpless. For me that implements veganism. Through all those changes I made in my daily life, I am living a more positive vibrant life than ever!


In the last four years I developed a deeper awareness of my body, soul and mind. I have such a positive relationship with myself, taking responsibility and understanding the needs of my body and my soul. I feel more and more connected to mother earth and all other creatures on this beautiful planet. We are all spiritual beings, connected to each other. And i hope that we can all together raise the level of awareness in this world.




If you want to learn a little bit more about the vegan lifestyle and diet i can recommend you to check the links below:


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Fluffy Waffle Recipe

Fluffy Waffle Recipe

Ingredients for 2 Portions


200g flour

60g coconutsugar

1 tsp baking powder

2 bananas

250ml plant milk

1 tsp ground vanilla

splash of coconut oil

2 Tbsp  peanutbutter

splash of water



This is probably the best waffle recipe for your Sunday morning brunch! I love this recipe because it’s easy and they turn out perfectly every single time. Personally I prefere to serve mine with banana and peanut butter, but you can choose any toppings and add anything you like. For example, how do waffles with strawberries and chocolate sauce sound for you?

Everything you need to prepare this recipe is a waffle maker, a fork, a spoon, something to cut on and a bowl and a plate to serve your waffle creation. So let’s start:

First things first: We need to heat up the waffle maker, so make sure to turn it on.  Mix the flour, baking powder, Coconutsugar and vanilla in a bowl. Mash the banana with the fork and add it to the dry ingredians. Then add the plantmilk and stirr everything until it gets a smooth consistency. Now you can start to spread some coconut oil on your waffle maker to prevent the waffles from burning or sticking on to it. Use your spoon to give some oft he dought on the waffle maker. You need to figure out the right amount, so that it won’t overspill on the sides. Then close the waffle maker and wait until they are ready!  

Cut the banana into pieces and mix your peanut butter with a tiny bit of water to make it more liquid. Serve your waffles with the banana and peanut butter sauce on top.