Ingredients for 2 Portions


200g flour

60g coconutsugar

1 tsp baking powder

2 bananas

250ml plant milk

1 tsp ground vanilla

splash of coconut oil

2 Tbsp  peanutbutter

splash of water



This is probably the best waffle recipe for your Sunday morning brunch! I love this recipe because it’s easy and they turn out perfectly every single time. Personally I prefere to serve mine with banana and peanut butter, but you can choose any toppings and add anything you like. For example, how do waffles with strawberries and chocolate sauce sound for you?

Everything you need to prepare this recipe is a waffle maker, a fork, a spoon, something to cut on and a bowl and a plate to serve your waffle creation. So let’s start:

First things first: We need to heat up the waffle maker, so make sure to turn it on.  Mix the flour, baking powder, Coconutsugar and vanilla in a bowl. Mash the banana with the fork and add it to the dry ingredians. Then add the plantmilk and stirr everything until it gets a smooth consistency. Now you can start to spread some coconut oil on your waffle maker to prevent the waffles from burning or sticking on to it. Use your spoon to give some oft he dought on the waffle maker. You need to figure out the right amount, so that it won’t overspill on the sides. Then close the waffle maker and wait until they are ready!  

Cut the banana into pieces and mix your peanut butter with a tiny bit of water to make it more liquid. Serve your waffles with the banana and peanut butter sauce on top.