1 cup Haferflocken

1 TL geschrotete Leinsamen

1/2 TL Zimt

Zum Süßen:

1 zermatschte Banane/ 1 EL Agavendicksaft oder Kokosblütenzucker

Pflanzen Drink

Dein Lieblingsobst

Nüsse, Samen, Kakao Nibs….



Breakfast literally means breaking the fast. Your first meal oft he day should be healthy, providing your body and brain with nutrients and enough energy to start in your day. With a healthy, balanced, plantbased breakfast you will give your body everything it needs in the morning.

I personally love to cook my oatmeal in the mornings, especially in the winter and in cold climats. But when there’s not enough time in the morning or it’s really getting hot outside i prefere overnight oats instead! They are easily prepared the night before and you don’t have to spend time in the morning preparing your breakfast. Furthermore you can pack them into a mason jar and take your meal to work, school or anywhere you want for a snack. With this recipe you are saving time in the mornings and still get a delicious, healthy breakfast that will never get boring because you can vary everyday and create your favorit variation. That’s why i want to show you today my basic overnight oats recipe. So you can make your personal creation with the toppings ans additions you like the most or experiment afresh everyday.

Everything you need is a mason jar (or any jar, box or bowl), a spoon and that’s it! We start with mixing the oats and the ground flaxseeds in your jar or bowl and add a sweetener of your choice. You can add a mashed banana, coconut sugar, maple sirup or whatever kind of sweet you prefere. Then cover them with any plant milk you like, I prefere oat or almond milk. Cover the bowl/ jar and place it in the fridge over night. In the Morning you cann add additional fruits, nuts, cacao nibs or anything sweet or crunchy you like on top of your oats. For a more liquidy cosistency you can add some additional plant milk and that’s all! There you go!

Für mehr inspiration, hier einige meiner Lieblingskombinationen:



Erdbeere & Kokosjoghurt

Banane- Nuss- Kakao Nibs